How to Search the Right DUI Attorney in San Diego


Are you living in San Diego area and you are looking for the best DUI lawyer you can hire? You do have several options and you need to choose first from these options before you can choose the right DUI lawyer in San Diego.


Numerous resources are out there ready to direct you in searching the right DUI attorney. What you just need is diligence in your research to find the best lawyer suited to your case.

Ask for recommendations from people you know. They could be your family members and relatives, your trusted friends and colleagues that have gone into your situation. One who has used the attorney’s service is oftentimes the best thing to do. You can draw hints and ideas of how the attorney they likely to recommend performed and what was the outcome of their DUI case. Don’t be ashamed to ask how much they have paid so that at least you can do some good plans and preparations on your budget. However, the source of information that you can get are different from each other because each case bears a different dealing.


If you have already experienced before to use an attorney for any case type, that attorney can be a potential resource. He can identify other attorney’s specialization like the one who is in line in criminal defense. For sure he is involved into lawyers network whether from his previous law school or to other law firms.


Now if you still failed to get the best DUI attorney out of personal recommendations, your next friend is your computer and the internet. From the search engine, try to search the association of criminal attorneys in your state. The State Bar Association is the best example to this.

You can go further browsing other websites, looking on their directories and guidelines. Here’s a tip for you: an attorney that garners a number of peer recommendations is a great mark. Even better if the attorney has good peer reviews giving wonderful insights about the attorney’s background and experience.


Another best way you can go with is putting all your list of attorneys together then search each attorney’s webpage or much better contact each of them for preliminary interview and investigation.

Keep in mind that a DUI is a serious matter which can create serious impacts in your life in various ways. You won’t like to have a bad representation. So, you need to choose the right DUI lawyer that fits your personal needs.

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