Road Safety Is Everyone’s Responsibility

road safety

It would seem that there’s no way to eliminate vehicular accidents from happening entirely. There are simply too many factors that lead up to it. Those that are out of our control are probably the ones that are going to cause car accidents even if all drivers decide to follow road rules and regulations to prevent accidents. Mechanical failure is one example. A malfunction might occur while on the speedway such as brake failure or gearbox malfunctions. Another example are car accidents that are attributed to animals loitering on the road in the middle of the night. The short visibility of drivers during nighttime can’t forewarn them of the animal’s presence because unlike vehicles, animals don’t have headlights.


Although car accidents are going to be a reality that we have to live with, we can start eliminating those that are caused by human factors. One such factor, drunk driving is now being vigilantly suppressed by the authorities since it would seem to be something that’s very preventable. Drunk driving is probably the most likely of all human factors to cause accidents on the highway because of the driver’s poor judgment and reflexes.


Getting caught driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) can incur some of the most severe penalties around. The fees for first offense are nothing to scoff at, as well as the increasing fees for subsequent charges. The criminal record for being arrested for driving while intoxicated will stay in the person’s record for ten years. This will handicap them from applying for jobs that are particular with a job seeker’s criminal tendencies. The fact is that we can’t blame companies for doing such a thing to job applicants because criminal records such as drunk driving shows bad decision making and putting other people at risk. The penalties, which are deemed too harsh by arrested drunk drivers, are by all means very justifiable. These drivers have made their choice to go beyond their alcohol tolerance even with the knowledge of having to get behind a steering wheel later on, a very irresponsible decision that may cause damage to other people’s properties, severe physical damages or even death.


Victims of car accidents should not jump to arguments with drunk drivers and ask the help of an experienced DUI attorney in San Diego. In fact, anyone who is on the road most of the time should do a prior research of experienced lawyers and read their blog to know how to handle such situations.

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