The Frustrations of a Drunk Driving Victim



It’s a sad reality that in our world, there are people who voluntarily choose to intoxicate themselves even with prior knowledge of having to drive afterward. They are actively choosing to put other people and their own lives at risk just for a few glasses of drinks. Almost all who drink alcohol innately know their level of tolerance with the exception of the few who have only tried drinking once or twice.

Still, newly initiated alcohol drinkers should not think about getting into a vehicle and drive right after. It’s their responsibility to know that they might get drunk due to not knowing their limits. Fortunately, we have the San Diego police force to thank for greatly minimizing the occurrence of car accidents that are attributed to drunk driving. They have actively been pulling over vehicles that are showing signs of driving while under the influence of alcohol (DUI), which includes exaggerated turns and unnecessarily wavy path on a clear highway. They are then administered with a field sobriety test and if they refuse, are brought to the police station to undergo blood alcohol level test. The penalties are nothing to scoff at either. The fees for initial infraction are substantial amounts. The subsequent offenses incur increasing fees as well. The arrested drunk driver will then have a glaring criminal record on him for ten long years, significantly minimizing the chance of employment. At first glance these punishments are too harsh, especially from the drunk driver’s perspective. However, it is by all means just. They have actively chosen to become potential killers set loose on the highway. They are playing an allegorical Russian roulette on the highway, putting lives at risk.

Just the thought of the drunk driver’s irresponsibility is enough to prompt victims of such accidents to go into a fit of rage. The blatant disregard for others’ safety is appalling. There is also the frustrating thought of drunk drivers having the audacity to even argue with the victims. These frustrations and anger magnifies when the damage done is not only to the car but to also cause injuries as well.

Victims of drunk driving are usually advised not to engage into an argument with the other party, especially if they are drunk. It’s practically pointless to do so. Instead, seek the help of experienced and reputable attorneys such as the ones at and other known DUI attorneys in San Diego. Victims are advised to suppress their anger toward the drunk driver an instead¬†try them¬†in court.


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