Unfortunate DUI Arrests


Drunk drivers who are pulled over by the police are usually insistent about their feigned sobriety. It is also frustrating having to deal with their false sense of justice by claiming that they haven’t really caused any trouble from driving under the influence of alcohol. In many parts of Los Angeles, drunk driving is becoming more and more prevalent. There are people who don’t learn their lessons even after they get a quote of the fee for their first and subsequent offenses.


Indeed, it is easy to shun responsibility especially if nothing consequential has happened yet. This eschewed mentality of driving under influence (DUI) of alcohol offenders is nothing short of irresponsible. They have very little idea of the potential life-threatening accidents that they may cause due to their negligent choices and subsequent irresponsible actions. It’s also appalling how most offenders who are caught get angry at police officers who pulled them over. What they don’t understand is that the officers who are adamant at catching DUI offenders are simply doing their part at keeping the highways safer for other drivers, especially those who didn’t compromise their sobriety. Car accidents will always happen. There are numerous reasons for car accidents that’s why it’s become a part of the realities of the highway. Some accidents are caused by mechanical failures, leading to a deadly chain reaction with other vehicles. Some are caused by lapse in judgment and lack of concentration while driving. However, the number of instances of car accidents can be drastically reduced by factoring out causes that are attributed to drunk driving.


Innocent bystanders and fellow drivers shouldn’t have to risk their life for a DUI offender’s bad judgment call. This judgment call is deciding to go beyond their alcohol tolerance. Almost all who take alcohol know their threshold instinctively and going beyond this when the situation calls for them to drive right after is crossing the line. However, there are cases when the DUI offender is a neophyte alcohol drinker with very little idea of their alcohol tolerance. There are even cases where the drivers are victims to their so-called friends’ practical joke, spiking their non-alcoholic drinks with alcohol. In these unfortunate but necessary DUI arrests, legal counsel is greatly recommended. One should take note of a Los Angeles DUI attorney who has a reputable record for helping those who wish to settle their DUI cases and find ways to reduce the penalties.

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